Transfer Case Shift Motor WG 4406

Borg Warner Gear 4406 Transfer Case Shift Motor
Square connector with 7 pins.

BW-4406, BW4406 utilizes a shift motor which engages the transfer case. A related shift motor where used with the BW4406 in the following vehicles.

Part No.: YL1Z 7G360 AB - CT TCSM

Ford F-150 Pickup 1996 - 2002
Ford F-250 Pickup w/out TOD 1996 - 1999
Ford Expedition 1997 - 2002
Lincoln Navigator SUV 1998 - 2003

(YL1z7G360) .

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Hugo said...

I have a 2007 lincoln Navigator, Automatic Transmission, Two wheel drive.
I was looking for some information regarding adding a neutral transfer case so that I could flat tow my vehicle.
Thanks Hugo