Valve Body Core Return and Warranty

Most Valve Bodies have a core charge. A core charge is an amount in excess of the cost of the part to insure the end user will return the used part know as the core. Once the core is returned and inspected to make sure it is complete the core charge is refunded. Below you will find the core return instructions and warranty information. Please note that the warranty could range anywhere between 6 months to a year depending on the unit. The one listed below is for one year.



Core Return Instructions:
1. Place complete core in plastic bag and zip closed.
2. Place plastic bag containing the core inside box and pack securely, reusing brown packing material to avoid damage in shipment.
3. Seal box tightly on ALL sides with packing tape.
4. Core must be returned no later than two weeks from delivery date.


You must return a Complete and Assembled core to receive core credit. This includes all components that where provided with the re-manufactured valve body (i.e. switches, solenoids, valves, etc.).

Thank you in advance for your prompt core return!

This remanufactured valve body carries a 1-year manufactures’ warranty. In the unlikely event that it does not operate properly, you must contact your salesperson for warranty instructions as unauthorized repairs, alterations, or disassembly will void your warranty. Warranty void of improperly installed, abuse, improper maintenance, improper fluid or other factors not in accordance with normal use.

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