Borg Warner Identification Tag

How can I identify a Borg Warner Gear Transfer Case?

Look for a rectangle metal plate attached to the bolt and read the information on the tag. This will give you the information you need. The assembly code number is the model number.

In addition to the tag or in place of it you might also find a sticker on the case like the one pictured at the very bottom. The top right hand side number (44-76-007) is the model number of the case. In this case it is BW4476. This is an actual sticker from the transfer case.

If the tag and or sticker is missing or you are unable to locate it you can get the model number from the transfer case by looking on the case itself. Look for a set of numbers usually separated by a dash "-". For example if you see the numbers 44-05 your transfer case is a BW-4405.

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