Busted Pistons; Where Could We Go? (01M)

This posting will focus on the molded pistons for the Volkswagen automatic transmission models: 095, 096, 097, 098 (01M, 01N, 01P).

It is more important to focus on the date rather than the model when ordering the pistons for the above mentioned models.

Two piston kits are available:
- Piston Set with Molded Rubber (5 Piston Transmission) 1990 to Early 1994
- Piston Set with Molded Rubber (7 Piston Transmission) Late 1994 and Up

Individual Bonded Pistons:
- 3-4 Clutch K3 1990-E1994 or L1994-Up
- 3-4 Retainer L1994-Up
- 2-4 Clutch B2 1990-Up
- Forward Clutch K1 1990-E1994 or L1994-Up
- Forward Retainer L1994-Up
- Reverse Clutch K2 1990-Up
- Lw Reverse B1 1990-Up

If you are not sure which transmission you have you can go to the drivers side door (most vehicles) and search for the manufacturing date. Other wise once the transmission is disassembled you can count the number of pistons and order accordingly.

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