Renewed Life For The R150, R151 and R154

The Toyota R150, R151 and the R154 are 5 speed standard rear wheel drive units used in various applications. If your unit feels tired, old or sluggish it just might be time for a rebuilt. And we have the right kits for the job.

The bearing, gasket and seal kit is a great to way to go for a general rebuild. But for a more complete rebuild consider the synchronizer, bearing, gasket and seal kit, especially if the unit pops out of any gear or having trouble engaging any of the gears. Which ever way you decide to go you can always count on us for the right transmission parts.

Here is a short list of which vehicles where equipped with these units:

R150 & R151 - Pickups, Tacoma, Tundara, T-100 and 4 Runner
R154 - Supra

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