TCM And Valve Body Joined RE5R05A

Nissan introduced the RE5RO5A in 2000 in the Cima and Elgrand, both for the Japanese market and in 2003 in the 350Z for the US market. The Jatco designation for this unit is the JR507E

The RE5R05A is a 5 speed rear wheel drive transmission that can be used with a transfer case for 4x4 and all wheel drive applications. In addition to the vehicles already mentioned it is also used in the Pathfinder, Armada, Caravan, Fairlady Z Roadster, Fuga, Navara, NV, Skyline, Stagea and Titan. For the Infiniti we have the EX35, FX35, FX45, G35, GR37, M35, M45, Q45 and the QX56.

There are three designs to the valve body. The second and third are equipped with the transmission control module (TCM) right on the valve body. All three designs have two versions; one version has a low ohms low coast solenoid and the other version has the high ohms low/coast solenoid.

To the best of our knowledge there are possibly 3 or 4 different manufacturers for the low coast solenoid (Mitsubishi, Bosch and Hitachi). The solenoid should be interchangeable as long as the ohms resistance is correct. The valve bodies are not interchangeable from one resistance to another.

There might be other options within the valvebody that can further complicate the identification of the valve body. For example some units are not equipped with the cooler bypass valve.

Below you will find two different valve bodies, one for a Nissan and the other specifically for the Infiniti.

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