FAQ: Are Your Chains Borg Warner?

Here is a list of common questions in regards to our transfer case and transmission chain:

Are your chains from the US, Japan or China?
What is the brand of the chains you sell?
Are your chains Hy-Vo chains?
Are they Borg Warner?

All of our chains are Borg Warner Morse Tec HyVo Chains. Both for our transfer case and transmissions. This is true from the first day we opened our doors.

You expect us to supply you with the very best parts in the industry at friendly prices and the chain line up is no different.

BorgWarner Chain are not only for BW units, they are used in New Process, New Venture, Toyota, Mazda and many other transfer case applications. They are also made for front wheel drive automatic transmission that require chains.

In short you can be assured that your chain is the very best in the industry with a name that carries experience, reliability and quality from a manufacture you know and a supplier your trust, Cobra Transmission Parts.

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