New Process 242 Transfer Case

The New Process 242 is a 2 speed, chain driven transfer case used by multiple vehicle manufactures.

The NP242 was first introduced into the market in the Jeep Cherokee and Wagoneer in 1987 and later used in the Grand-Cherokee and Liberty. Tags for the early Jeeps will read NP242AMC. Once Jeep changed ownership to Chrysler, the tags read NP242J.

Civilian Hummer H1 5.7, 6.2, 6.5 and 6.6L came equipped with the 242 and the 6.2 and 6.5L military version came equipped with the 242 as well.  The NP218 was also used in some of the military H1.

Dodge also used the transfer case in the Dakota and Durango with a variation in the input shaft bearing of 16 or 24mm wide (NP242D). 

To properly identify the case simply go to the back of it, the side facing the rear tires, and look for a round silver and red tag. On the tag you will find the model number, ratio and other information relating to the case.

The range for the transfer case is 2WD High, 4WD High, 4WD Part Time, 4WD Low and Neutral.

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