THM 125, 3T40 Transmission Parts

Transmission Parts and Rebuild Kit Prices:

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THM125, THM125C, 3T40, MD9, M34

Overhaul Kit

Banner Kit, (80-84E)
Banner Kit, (L84-Up)

Master Kit, (80-84E)
Master Kit, (L84-Up)

Filter - Alt Brand

Brake Band (82-93)
Brake Band (94-Up)
Brake Band (80-81)

Bushing Kit

Valve Body Kit (Shift Kit) Sonnax
Valve Body Kit (Shift Kit) Transgo

Washer Kit, No Bearings or Selective Washers
Bearing Kit

Technical - Repair Manual (80-Up)
Technical - Repair Manual, 125C (87-Up) Update

Torque Converter: Please Call

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