JF506E Electronic Line Pressure Control Solenoid (EPC)

This is the EPC Main Pressure Solenoid for the Jatco JF506E Automatic 5 Speed Transmission. This is one of nine possible solenoids in this unit.

The master kit pictured below is for the VW, Range Rover, Land Rover, Jaguar and other vehicles except the Mazda which has a different shift and TCC solenoid configuration.


Dwayne Sauka said...

Just installed this solenoid kit in my 2004 VW GTI. Before I installed the kit my car had all kinds of shifting problems such as not getting out of 1st gear when cold, not holding gears going down hills, the manual part of the tiptronic never worked and harsh shifting.

After I installed the kit all my problems when away. The tranny feels brand new. All the solenoids Cobra Transmission supplied matched up perfectly with the old ones I took out. Shipping communication was great, which was a bonus since I live in Canada. I would definitely buy from Cobra again and highly recommend their products.

CobraTransmission.com said...

We are happy to hear all went well Dwayne. We appreciate the kind words. Let us know if there is anything else we may assist you with. If you send us a picture of your vehicle we will post it on the blog.