ZF5HP19 Pump Body

This is a picture of the pump body for the ZF-5HP19. This is a part that many of our customers ask about during the rebuild of the unit. This pump is a replacement from the one in the unit and is an OEM part. This pump comes with gears and covers from year 1996 to 2003.

The pump tube (pictured below) is also a part that should be purchased with the pump. The tubes could break during installation or removal of the pump or could just need replacement.

This part is compatible with:
- ZF5HP19

(Oil Pump / Bomba de Aceite - Surtidor / öljypumppu / Pompe à Huile / Ölpumpe /
Olio Pompa /Olje Pumpe / Bomba de óleo / Pompa de Ulei / нефть насос / Oljepump)

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Anonymous said...

yeah I need one of these. Not to all...always install your torque converter properly or you might as well go ahead and preorder one of these.