Ford Escort Transmission

The Ford Motor Co. used the Escort name from 1967 to 1974 with a 3 speed rear wheel drive transmission, the BW-T35. The Escort came back in 1981 with a 3 speed front wheel drive, the ATX, that was produced until 1990. And from 1990 to 2003 a 4 speed front wheel drive unit was used known as the 4EAT-F also referred to the F4A-EL.

In 1991 the Escort and Tracer where replaced by models based on a Mazda platform that was also used in the Mazda 323. A version of the 323 was sold by Ford in Europe known as the Ford Laser, which had replaced the rear wheel drive Escort. The GT version of the Escort was the equivalent of the XR3i in Europe.

The Ford Escort ZX2 is the sportiest of the line; it shared the 2.0L engine with the Ford Mondeo, Contour and Mercury Mystique. Eventually the Escort badge was dropped and produced simply as the ZX2 until the escort was replaced by the Ford Focus.

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