New GM Transmission Models

General Motors has introduced new transmission models in the past couple of years in an effort to increase gas mileage. The Continuously Variable Transmission or more commonly known as the CVT has recently become a popular option for all automobile manufactures. The CVT has no set gears like a regular automatic; it contains a infinite number of gears adjusting to the engine for maximum efficiency.

Some of GM's new transmissions are the 6L45, 6L50 and the 6L80. These transmission are rear wheel drive six speed units. The numbers following the letter "L", which stands for longitude, is the relative torque capacity of the unit. The 6L45 is a 6 speed rear wheel drive unit with a relative torque capacity of 45.

6T70 and the 6T75 are front wheel drive units and the "T" stands for transverse, which is usually associated with front wheel drive transmissions. The 6T75 is a 6 speed front wheel drive unit with a relative torque capacity of 75.

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