Aisin Warner Valve Body for the TF60SN (VW 09M, 09G)

There is little information available for the TF60 SN as of the date of this posting. What I have read and been told by customers about the valve body is not as detailed as we would want it to be.

This is what we know so far. There are two different versions of the valve body, the late and early versions. The early version is up to May of 2004 and contains pressure sensors where the arrows are located in the picture below. From June 2004 and up (early version) the sensors are not placed on the valve body.

When handling the sensors off the late one you must be careful as you will expose two small pins. If you turn the valve body the pins could fall off make it extremely hard to find due to their size.

The valve bodies have one other distinction for the late and early; the transmission oil cooler is on the transmission or is remote (off the transmission).

We carry genuine Volkswagen 09M and 09G oem valve bodies an Aisin Warner part with solenoids. This unit is also used in the Seat, Skoda, BMW and others.

(09G 325 039, 09G 325 039A)


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was wondering if you know anything about the tcm used for these and/or if you know how to rebuild them and/or have solenoid valves. I know a fair bit about them. I have an Audi TT 2003 with a 09g tranny. I changed the valve body in it because I was getting extremely hard jerks. I later discovered that the old valve body had a solenoid which was stuck solid. I had a few minor set backs with replacing the valve body. The new valve body I got was from a vw passat 2006. It does not have the two sensors G193 and G194, therefore the tcm sees this as an error...Was hoping I could find a software flash but can't find anything yet.
I have a few options. If I can find someone to rebuild the old valve body that may work.
I could find a second hand one. Note the beetle cabrio has the 09g valve body with g193/g194.
I could buy a new valve body.
I could try a tcm from a 2004 audi.
Or I could just not care about the Mil light. And just drive
Please let me know if you rebuild these and how much it would be? The old valve body is in pieces, but I do have every piece. I'd like a whole set of new solenoid valves as well as G193/G194. My email is said...

Unfortunately we are not rebuilding this particular unit yet due to the lack of new individual solenoids. The dealer and manufacture notes on this unit mention the solenoids are non-serviceable.

Replacing your old one with a used one might just leave you in the same problem as before. It is also my understanding that if you use a valve body without the sensors in place of one that uses the sensors (or the other way around) it can cause pre-mature transmission failure.

At this point my best suggestion is to purchase a correct valve body based on the vin number of the vehicle. There should be 4 different valve bodies for the 09G (TF60SN). Two with the sensors on the valve body and two without the sensors on the valve body and each one of those is slightly different depending if the transmission cooler is on the transmission itself or remote.

We are working on providing a re-manufactured valve body with any and all updates possible to help reduce problems with this unit. As soon as they are available, we will post it on the blog as well as individual solenoids.