BTR Line of Transmissions for Europe, Australia and Asia

We carry a full line of transmission rebuild kits, filter and brake bands for the BTR line of transmissions. The BTR are usually found in Asia, Australia and Europe and used by different vehicle manufactures. Below is partial list of the different trans model and vehicles it can be found in.

Fairlane, Falcon (BTR-85LE, 91LE, 93LE, 95LE, 97LE) 1990-1997
Fairlane (BTR-M74) Australia and Asia
Falcon (BRT / ION-93LE, 97LE) Australia and Asia

Ssang Yong
Musso (BTRM74)


Jon said...

I couldn't find any of the BTR *LE (to suit Falcon) on the web site. Where are they hiding? said...

We carry a few BTR Rebuild Kit models. Here is the link for more info: