Electrifying... A518 Electrical Components

In this post we will discuss the electrical part of the the A518, also known as the 46RH and 46RE.

Neutral Safety Switch
- with three prongs 1990-1997
- with Back-Up Light with a 3 prong screw in Design 1998-2003
- with Back-Up Light with a 5 prong push in Design 2001-2003
- MLPS adapter 1990-Up
- Harness repair kit
- Connector for 3 wire N.S.S.

Governor Pressure Sensor (Transducer)
- with 4 Pins and round connector 1996-2000
- with 4 Pins and rectangular connector 2000-Up

- Overdrive, Single no TCC 1990-1995
- Kit, includes OD/TCC Solenoid and Gov. Pres. Sensor 1996-1999 (some 2000)
- Overdrive / TCC for a 3 pin case connector (Dual) 1990-1995
- Overdrive / TCC for a 8 pin round and 4 pin oval connector 1996-1999
- Overdrive / TCC for a 8 pin round and 4 pin rectangular connector 2000-Up
- TCC / Lock Up with one wire 1990-1996
- TCC / Lock Up with 2 wires 1997-Up
- Governor Pressure Solenoid 1993-Up
- Repair Kit for Gov Pres Sol with Sonnax Tool
- Harness repair kit for Solenoids

- Output Speed (VSS)

These parts are very important to any electronically controlled transmission and should be inspected carefully when conducting a rebuild or when dropping the valve body. Pay particular attention the Governor Pressure Solenoid and Sensor. When replacing one you should always replace the other especially in this unit.

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