The Electrifying Side of 01P, 01M & 01N

The electrical side side of the 01N, 01M and 01P (a/k/a: AG4-095/096/097/098) come down to switches, solenoids, sensors and wire harness as the most commonly replaced electrical parts.

There are three multi functions switches (PRNDL):
Square with 7 Prongs 1990 to Early 1994,
Round with 7 Prongs Late 1994 to 1997, and
90 Degree with 7 Prongs 1998 and up.

Two solenoids came is this unit, the shift solenoid and the epc. Depending on your unit the shift solenoids are all the same and uses between 5 and 6; same with the epc and can use up to two.

On some models the output sensor doubles as the input sensor if they are both the same size. In the case one sensor is longer than the other you would have a different output sensor, this means the longer one is an output sensor. The input sensor is the same for all applications.

Internal wire harness are available as follows:
Retrofits all 1990-Up (Universal)
095, 096; 15" Long 1990-1994
01M 18 1/2" Long 1993-Up
097, 01N 1991 Up
098, 01P 1992-Up

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