Stage Is Set For A604 Electrical Components

The 41TE is the electrical version of the A604 used in several Chrysler and Dodge vehicles, most notably the mini vans. In this post we will explore the different electrical components and the differences, if any, in year breaks.

The External Neutral Safety Switches are from 1989 and 1990 to 1995 as are the first set of Range Sensors (PRNDL). The second set of Ranger Sensors with blade terminals are from years 1998 and Up.

MLPS Range and Neutral Safety Sensor:
with round terminals 1996-Early 1998
with spade terminals Late 1998-Up

Neutral Safety Sensor (Manual Lever Position) Replaces 7 & 9 Prongs 1993-1997

Pressure Transducer Sensor for the 41TES 2007-Up

Solenoid Block (pictured below) 1989-Up
Solenoid Block Repair Kit (must be original solenoid pack) 89-99 and 00-Up

EPC Solenoid for 41TES 2007-Up
EPC Solenoid Connector for 41TES 2007-Up

Output Sensor VSS 89-Up
Input Sensor TSS 89-Up

Wire Harness Repair Kit 89-Up
Wire Harness Repair Kit for Input and Output Speed Sensor 89-Up
Wire Harness Repair Kit for MLPS / Range Sensor Early 1999 and Up

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