Drive Line Shaft, Input & Output Shaft For The NV125

The Transfer Case or Transfer Box New Venture NV-125 is used in the BMW X5 Sport Utility Vehicle from 1999 to 2003.

The Drive Line Shaft, the shaft from the output shaft of the transfer case to the front differential, is about 29 3/16" long from factory. This leaves about 1 inch of unused spline within the output shaft. We currently offer the oem and a longer drive line shaft that measures about 30 1/16" (see pictures below).

If you are using the oem drive line shaft it is suggested to fill the output shaft with a very heavy grease to deter moisture which can lead to the deterioration of the splines and then failure.

In addition to the shafts listed we also carry the input shaft, sprocket, Bearing and Seal Kit and the Seal Kit. We are proud to announce that we carry the most extensive Seal Kit for the NV125 on the market to date. It contains:

- All Three Shaft Seals
- Dust Cover
- O-Ring
- Snap Ring
- Two Plug Rings

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We just posted a picture of the drive sprocket assembly for the NV125 Transfer Case used in the BMW X5. As you can see in the picture there is a plastic caged bearing and washer located inside the sprocket. The bearing and sprocket are sold separately.