Muscle Stangs of Miami Mustang Club

We recently met with the Muscle Stangs of Miami and became a sponsor .

This is truly a unique and active club. So far there has been some activity every weekend and this weekend the members will be proudly displaying their pride and joy side by side with the members of the Antique Automotive Club of America's South Florida Chapter in the 9th Annual Downtown Miami Classic Car Show.

The Car Show will be held February 6th, 2010 on Flagler Street and S.E. 3rd Avenue from 10AM to 3Pm. For those of you that can not make it, not to worry, we will be posting pictures of some of the vehicles on display at the show.

The president of the Club, Luis, and the vice-president, Andy, are greatly committed to the club as well as the other original founders and growing list of members, about 105 strong and growing.

The club is much more that just a bunch of Mustang lovers hanging out. There is a family feel that is strongly encouraged and evident when attending meetings and other functions. Wifes, husbands, kids and friends, with or without an iconic Ford Pony Car, are welcomed and reminded to come back next time.

Membership is a onetime $15.00 and it includes a t-shirt. Registration is as simple as can be; go to their web site and sing up. Once a member you will have access to the forum, event calender, photo gallery and other members.

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