How Do I Know The Transmission Model In My Toyota?

Do you need to order Toyota Transmission Parts?

Not sure of the transmission model you need to order the parts for?

Well, fear not; there are several ways to identify the transmission. The first way is to use the Vehicle to Transmission Index located here. Or you can simply go to the vehicles Serial Number Identification Tag which contains engine and transmission information.

Another option is to go the drivers side door and you will find a sticker or plaque with a series of information including the vehicle's vin or chassis number, manufactured by info, manufacturing date (usually month and year) and other valuable information and codes. The code we are looking for is located in the bottom left hand corner. In the example below it reads: A/TM - 742/A140L This means it is an Automatic Transmission (A/TM) and the model is A140L.

The last but not least way to check is to find the tag information off the transmission itself. Somewhere on the unit, varies by model and mfg location, there is a tag with the model number on it.

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