Toyota's own W40 And W50 Series Standard Units

Among many of the Toyota transmission there is the W40 which is a 4 speed rear wheel drive transmission and the W50 is a 5 speed rwd.

In the "W" 40 series there is the W40, W46, and the the 50 series: W50, W55, W58 and the W59. There are other models that are not mentioned here because they where used in vehicles or model not present in the states; and as a result we do not carry parts for them.

Depending on year and version the cases could be aluminum or steel. The W40 speed was used in base model vehicles and where introduced in 1970 2wd Toyota Celica and Corona and was also used in the Pickups. The W46 went into service in 1983 in the pickup truck in 2 and 4 wd.

The W50 was equipped in the Pickup, Celica, Corona, Cressida and Supra from 1972-1981. In 1983 the W56 was an option in the Pick-up and 4-Runner; in 1982 the W58 for the Cressida, Supra and Tacoma. And the W59 came in the Pickup Truck, Tacoma, T100 and 4Runner from 1992 and up.

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