Anyone In Need Of Parts For Their 231 New Process?

Here are some more parts picture for the NP231 transfer case.

Here are the bushings available:
- Range Fork Bushings (Plastic) (15547404)
- Bushing, Tail Housing (1.500" ID) (GM) (WT266-62)
- Bushing, Tail Housing (1.510" ID) (26 & 27 Spline) Dodge (WT243-62B)
- Bushing, Tail Housing (32 Spline) output (WT297-62)

The only thrust washer is pictured below (Plastic Planet Thrust Washer 5012367AA)

Here is a lit of the Forks:
- Mode Fork (Iron) (Cast # 16196) (16267)
- Mode Fork (30 T) (Late Dodge) (17790)
- Range Fork (Aluminum) (Cast # 17833
- Fork Insert Kit 321840K INSK-207

As other pictures become available we will be posting it here or on the online catalog with descriptions like above.

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