Bushings To Washer And Everything In Between - NP 231

The New Process 231 Transfer Case primarily used in GM, Jeep and Dodge products is a chain driven unit with an aluminum case. It comes with a low and high range with 2H, 4H and 4L modes.

This posting will dedicated to post information and pictures for this unit and will be updated as it becomes available so check in frequently.

The pump screen filter (16217) is the same for all versions; seals differ depending on model and may have differences like double lipped with or without slip yoke for the output seal. For the Rear seal there is one with without flange and another with it.

Bearing and races are in stock individually or in the rebuild kit.

Here is the break down on the bushings:
- Range Fork (Plastic) (15547404)
- Tail Housing (1.500" ID) (GM) (WT266-62)
- Tail Housing (1.510" ID) (26 & 27 Spline) Dodge (WT243-62B)
- Tail Housing (32 Spline) output (WT297-62)

Only one washer in stock the Planetary one (5012367AA).

Range Fork (17833), Mode Forks, Fork Insets as well as hubs and sliders.

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