GM Transmission Old to New Designation

Here is a chart for GM's Turbo Hydramatic transmission designations. On the chart you will find information on old degisnations to the new designations. For your refernece the code or pro number is also included on the left hand side of the chart and it remains the same.

Code Old New
Designation Designation
M40 THM 400 3L80
M40 THM 475 3L80
MD9 THM 125 3T40
MD9 THM 125C 3T40
MD8 THM 700R4 4L60
ME9 THM 440 4T60
Cobra Transmission 1-800-293-1848 Email
MT1 THM R2 4L80E
MD2 THM 180 3L30
MD2 THM 180C 3L30
Cobra Transmission 1-800-293-1848 Email

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