Transmission Cooler Flush

Before beginning a cooler flush consider the reason your transmission failed. If your transmission suffered a major failure you might want to consider replacing the cooler.

During a major failure small metal particles get lodged in the cooler and even with careful flushing not all particles come loose. Eventually the metal pieces or particle do come loose and end up in your transmission that could result in a premature failure.

An external transmission fluid cooler can be purchased to replace the one you have now or bypass the cooler built in to the radiator. The price of a new cooler could very well be justified if it helps prolong the life of the transmission.

If you are performing a routine rebuild or overhaul a thorough flush should be preformed on the lines and cooler. This will help get any debris and gunk out.

A good quality cooler flush, proper tools and a container to properly collect and dispose of the used fluid will be needed. Always practice safety and take all necessary steps to protect your eyes, skin, respiration etc.

Always perform the flush before connecting the cooler pipes to your transmission.

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