Mitsubishi Transmission Code Sample

The Mitsubishi transmission model or code number is grouped to indicate drive type, speed, automatic or manual, load capacity, and other information.

The first letter will indicate front wheel dive or rear wheel drive. The number following that indicates the number of speed in the transmission. The letter following the the speed will indicate if the unit is automatic or manual. Numbers following will indicate the load capacity of the unit. And finally a dash followed by a digit or series of digit will indicate some other feature of the transmission.

The KM series in no longer used and are now referred to as mentioned above. Below find a quick chart from the KM series codes to the new codes. Other makes where you might find the KM series are Jeep, Eagle and Mitsubishi vehicles.

Old................ New
KM-171........ F3A21-1
KM-172........ F3A22-2
KM-175........ F4A22-2
KM-176........ F4A21-2
KM-177........ F4A23-2

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