Transmission Components, Care and Causes of Failure

Automatic transmissions, both front wheel drive and rear wheel drive, contain three major operating system.

Problems with any of the operating systems can cause transmission failure if not diagnosed early and repaired.

The mechanical part of the transmission include but not limited to the torque converter, bushings, gaskets, seals, bearings, washers, planets, clutches (frictions), and steels.

Hydraulic components include but not limited to the torque converter, pump, transmission fluid cooler, filter(s), valve body system.

Electronic systems include but not limited to the electrical components, solenoids, and in some cases the Power train Control Module (PCM).

At some point of the transmission life it will need to be overhauled. The master kit usually contain most of the parts that are common to wear in the unit. It is also recommended that the bushing kit, washer kit, filter and brake bands to be replaced at the same time. A valve body kit or a shift kit is also a good idea if available for your transmission.

A damaged torque converter, pump or an electrical component can have catastrophic results for your transmission. Resulting in the premature need to rebuild the unit.

Low fluid or the wrong fluid can also cause damage to your transmission. Always make sure you have the correct amount of fluid and always use the correct fluid type. We recommend a high quality transmission fluid. This will help extend the life of the transmission.

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