4L60E Valve Body Information

The 4L60E and 4L65E use 5 or 6 solenoids depending on the year of the unit. All 4L60E premium re-manufactured valve bodies come with updated AFL, TCC and accumulator valves, new EPC and PSM where applicable. All other solenoids are tested.

When ordering a premium re-manufactured valve body here are the options:

From 1993 to 1994 there are 4 solenoids in the valve body and one in the pump for a total of 5 solenoids.

In 1995 the valve body came with 5 solenoids (came with the PWM TCC solenoid) and one in the pump (6 solenoids in total).

From 1996 to 2001 came with 6 solenoids in total and the 3-2 downshift is on-off and the EPC is a black body with spade terminal design.

Here we have a year overlap from 2001 to 2002 with the one above. One of the difference between this one and the one above is the full annular design present in this year group.

And finally year group 2003 to 2006 uses a silver EPC with molded connector and contains the full annular TCC.

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