VT25E Automatic Rebuild Kit Announcement

We are pleased to announce the release of the VT25-E rebuild kits. The VT25-E is a continuous variable transmission or CVT. In short, this means that there is an infinite possibility of gear ratios as the transmission adjusts to the rpm of the engine.

The VT25E is used in the Saturn Vue and the ION Quad Coupe and is sometimes referred to as the VTi CVT transmission.

We are currently offering:
Master Kit
Banner Kit
Overhaul Kit
Pan Gasket

If you are unsure of the CVT model in you vehicle please locate the tag on the transmission and you will find all the information you need to properly identify the unit and order the parts you need for the rebuild. This model came in 2 and 4 wheel drive versions as well as AWD.


jerry grennell said...

how much 4 the rebuild kit?

CobraTransmission.com said...

Please contact us for more information regarding prices and availability for this kit (786-472-8500).

Dave said...

i called and they said 350 ... + 40 for the filter

CobraTransmission.com said...

Hello Dave,

The prices as of today are as follows:

Master Kit: $379.99
Filter: $39.99
Shipping and Handling is additional.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

Who has the pulleys and belt?

CobraTransmission.com said...

I heard the dealer has the chain. I am not sure who sells the pulley. Please let us know if you find out.

Chris said...

Do you have any references form people who have successfully used this rebuild kit? Without the chain it doesn't seem worth it as that is one of the wear parts in this transmission.. Also, the picture of the master kit look a lot like standard steels/clutches from a hydromatic transmission and not the CVT style.. is there a list of the actual parts that come with the master kit?

CobraTransmission.com said...

We sell a few master kits every month. No negative feed back from anyone on the kits. The frictions are used inside the pulleys for the cvt compared to a regular transmission where the frictions are used inside the clutch pack or drums. The chain and pulleys are now available. I don't have a parts list and the picture is the correct one for the VT25E CVT transmission.