722.6 Series Mercedes Benz Transmission

The 722.6 Series is an automatic 5 speed rear wheel drive transmission from Mercedes Benz. This unit is used in some Dodge and Chrysler models and know as the W5A580. Depending on year and engine size some of the Dodge models equipped with this transmission are the Magnum and Nitro; and some of the Chrysler models are the 300 Series and Crossfire.

Some of the Mercedes model that came fitted with this unit, depending on year and engine size too, are the C Class AMG, CL 600, E300 Diesel, E320 Diesel, SL 600 Roadster and E55.

There are few different types of kits available for the 722.6. Here we will go into more detail into the kits so you can be better informed when ordering.

There is a year break in the kits, from 1996 to 2001 and 2002 and up. From 1996 to 2001 the frictions are double sided. That is the frictions (clutch plates) have material on both sides and require steels to go between them. From 2002 and up the frictions are single sided and do not require steels. The reason for this is that one side has material and the other side does not, so the side without material stacks against the side with material.

There is also another factor to take into consideration when placing your order for the master kit or the banner kit. The K2 clutch pack frictions are 5.25" or 5.45" inches in overall diameter and should be measured from tooth tip to tooth tip. Engines that are smaller than 3.6L uses the 5.25" K2 friction and are referred to as light duty. Engines that are 3.6L and larger uses the 5.45" K2 frictions and are referred to as heavy duty.

The overhaul kit is the same for all years and configurations. It is always suggested to measure your K2 clutch pack for proper identification of the kit required. I have seen where a vehicle with an engine smaller than 3.6L came with a transmission that had the K2 frictions for one with an engine larger than the 3.6L

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