FN4A-EL, 4F27-E Solenoid and Wire Harness

The Ford 4F27E and the Mazda FN4AEL are basically the same transmission with some difference depending on the vehicle. The wiring harness and solenoids are the same for all versions of the unit (1999-Up).

This electronic 4 speed automatic uses:

One Electronic Pressure Control EPC Solenoid,
Three C,D, E Shift Control PWM Solenoids and
Two A, B Shift Control On/Off Solenoids

The wire harness pictured below is the internal wire harness. The wire harness just as the solenoids are compatible with both the Ford and Mazda versions of the transmission and covers all years of production. The Transmission Range Switch (Neutral Safety), Output Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS), Trans Oil Temperature Sensor (TOT / TFT) and the Input Turbine Speed Sensor (TSS) are also compatible with both car manufactures and all years.

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