T10 and Super T10 Shafts

The T-10 and Super T-10 is a rear wheel drive 4 speed standard transmission or gear box. The T10 could contain a casting number of 1304 and the case is made of iron. The Super T10 has an aluminum case. This gear box is used by AMC, Dodge, Ford and GM.

There is a total of 5 shafts in the gear box; the input, cluster, main, counter and reverse idler shaft. The input and cluster shafts could have a ratio of 2.43, 2.64, 2.88 or 3.42. An easy way to determine the ratio is by the tooth count. There is a 12", 21" and 21 3/4" main shaft and the counter shaft is either 1 or 7/8 inch in diameter. There is only one reverse idler shaft.

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