ZF5HP19, ZF5HP19FL, ZF5HP19FLA Speed Sensor

The ZF 5HP19, 5HP19FL and the 5HP19FLA use and share some of the same speed sensors. These units are used by Volkswagen, Audi, BMW and Porsche just to name a few.

The part numbers for the speed sensor listed in this post are primarily for North American applications. Some part numbers are available everywhere and some are not. As you will see in the pictures below the speed sensor are not necessarily part numbers for vehicles manufactured for the North American Market.

Speed sensors have the part number right on them as illustrated below. This makes identifying the part you need easy and simple. When ordering a sensor, or any part, just locate the 10 digit part number. Some speed sensors might contain a wire with at end attached to the main body (see pic below).

Possible part numbers for speed sensors:
0501 314 432
0501 208 543
0501 210 474 (New Number 0501 322 866)
0501 311 086

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