09A / JF506E Shift B Solenoid

As mentioned in some of our previous blog entries the JF506-E has several solenoids. In this entry you will find a picture of the Shift B below.

The JF506E is also know as the 09A for the Volkswagen; the 5F31J for the Mazda; and the RL4F02A for the Nissan.

Also pictured below is the 09A Volkswagen and Mazda Solenoid Kits.

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chiefenterprises01 said...

JF506E in the Mazda MPV and 6;
Volkswagen Jetta, Gulf and GTI;
Jaguar; and Land Rover
Freelander. JATCO even let vehicle manufacturers tweak the computer to
do things with the transmission
in their cars that it will not do in those of other automakers.
Mazda wanted to be so different
that it even has slightly different
solenoid operation and configuration.