4T65-E Volvo Sub Kit

The 4T65E is a 4 speed electronic transaxle or front wheel drive FWD transmission used in several GM products, e.g. Buick Regal, Chevrolet Impala and Lumina, Oldsmobile Aurora, and the Pontiac Grand Prix to name a few.

The 4T65 E was also used in some of the Volvo vehicles, as indicated in the list below. When ordering any of the rebuild kits for the Volvo equipped with this unit a sub kit needs to be ordered as well. The rebuild will not be complete with out it as Volvo units have some differences not found in the GM version. Besides the parts that come in the subkit as illustrated in the picture the gear boxes are exactly the same.

Volvo Vehicles equipped with the 4T65E Transmission
  • Model Years Engine Size
  • 80 Series 1999-2002 2.5L
  • S80 1999 2.9L

Always check the tag on the transmission to verify the model.

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