ZF VT1-13A CVT Transmission

The ZF CVT VT1-13A Transmission is lightweight, compact, simple design and when properly maintained it is reliable. This unit is used in the Rover 200 Series; Ford and Volvo also equipped some models with this CVT.

When changing the fluid for any CVT always follow the manufactures recommendation for fluid type as this is very important for proper maintenance. The wrong fluid can reduce the life of the transmission or worse, it can damage the unit.

In the event a rebuild is necessary a detailed inspection of all hard parts is recommended to determine if any are needed. All gaskets, seals and other soft parts, including the chain or v-belt should be replaced to insure a more complete rebuild. And do not forget to use the proper fluid.

(Rover 214 216)(Transmissão de Variação Contínua)

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