ZF CVT VT1-27T Electronic

Unlike the first all hydraulic CVTs introduced to the automobile market the VT1F is an electronically controlled CVT transmission manufactured by ZF Friedrichshafen AG.

This unit has the ability to have different driving modes. When driving normally the transmission shift as a CVT usually does. Higher revs and more power output is achieved through out the ranges in Sports Mode.

The Manual Mode (Manumatic or Steptronic) allows the driver to shift the transmission manually to distinct gear ratios. In this mode the computer has six different pre-programmed gear ratios for that distinct manual shift sensation.

BMW's Mini Cooper is equipped with this CVT. The ZF VT1 Gearbox is fully electronic, and economical in use. We can expect ZF to imporve on its CVT technology in the years to come.

(Tiptronic 6 Gears)

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