Honda SWRA CVT Transmission

The SWRA is a Continuously Variable Transmission and some refer to it as a Continuous Velocity Transmission which does not describe it correctly.

A new term for many, the CVT is not a new concept. It was first theorized by Leonardo da Vinci in the late fourteen hundreds. Technological improvements in the manufacturing process and increased funding in research and development in recent years has helped the CVT become a more common options in modern vehicles. We will see an increse in the use of this kind of automatic transmission in the years to come.

The SWRA was primarily used in the Honda Civic, Logo, Jazz and Fit. The Jazz and Fit are the same car with a different names depending where it was sold. The Jazz nameplate was sold in Europe, Africa, The Middle East and some other regions. The Fit nameplate was sold in its home market of Japan, China and in North and South America. The Fit was introduced in the US in 2008.

The Honda Logo was produced from 1997 to 2001 in Japan. It also sold in the United Kingdom and New Zealand for a couple of years until replaced by the Jazz. The Logo is considered a super-mini.

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