5L40-E, 5L50-E Automatic Transmission Rebuild Kit and Pistons

The Turbo Hydromatic 5L40E is a 5 speed rear wheel drive transmission. It was first introduced into the market around 1999 in BMW cars. Then in 2001 for the BMW X5 and in 2003 the Cadillac. It is also know as the A5S and the 360R. The pro number for the 5L40E is M82 and for the 5L50E the pro number is M22. This unit has a detachable bell housing and tail housing.

The overhaul kit is the same for all years. The master kit from 1999 to 2001 is the same and it changes for 2002 and up. The master kit and bonded piston kit in the picture below are from 2002 and up. There are two pictures of the piston kit, front and back of the same part. The filter in the picture is for the BMW X5. The master kit come with or without the pistons. A piston kit could be purchased separately.

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