Greg from Lapeer Michigan (New Process 261 Heavy Duty)

Greg from Lapeer Michigan sent us this picture of one of the trucks he drives to battle the snow with. He ordered a rebuild kit, pump assembly, mode fork, range fork and the rear case half for his NP 261 HD for the GM pickup he drives.

The case is light weight due to the magnesium alloy used to make them. The rear case half are virtually identical between the NP261HD and the NP261XHD with the exception of the tail housing diameter. Possible casting number for the HD is 30605 and for the XHD is 25909. The rear case half for the NP263HD and the NP236XHD are the same.

The XHD models are used behind an Allison transmission and have a 31 spline output. The HD are behind the Hydromatics (i.e. 4L60E, 4L80E) and have the 32 spline output.

Thank you Greg for the picture!

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