AL4 / DPO Transmission

The DPO and or the AL4 (STA) is a Renault 4 speed front wheel drive automatic transmission. This unit was mainly introduced outside of the US.

The Citroen used this unit in the C4, C5, Synergie Evasion, Xsara and the Xsara Picasso. The Peugeot used it in the 206, 307, 406 and the 407 models. The Renault used it in the Clio, Laguna and the Scenic.

At time of publishing this of this post the rebuild kits, filter, brake band and piston kit is available or will be available soon. A master kit with pistons will also be offered. Please contact us for further information and availability.

The Master Kit with Pistons consists of the Overhaul Kit, Friction Kit and Piston Kit. Filter and Brake Band sold separately.


ausgallicarfan said...

Posting this reply from Australia. Hi from downunder firstly.
Having been a French car nut for most of my driving time(25yrs approx) I would be interested in Cobra's opinion of the AL4 DPO transmissions as the more you read the more you tend to get the impression of unreliable gearboxes. I know this probably isn't for the most part the facts and that only people with bad experiences are likely to tell others of their experience.
Personally I've never experienced either auto transmission. Our Citroen Xsara(shared with Peugeot as the 306) has the ZF 4HP14 4sp auto which is totally hydraulic in function and not controlled by solenoids as far as I can ascertain.
The normal down our way is for everyone to rubbish Renault(Citroen & Peugeot) autos but you can never find anyone who's actually had the problems mentioned. They seem to remain just folklore and I was wondering the DPO/AL4 is by.
The intelligence on the older autos in Citroen Xantias, CX, BX, Peugeot 405/406 and similar front drive cars was that if DIII was substituted for the approved/recommended DII type fluids all sorts of known hassles occured. Mainly being clogging of the galleys in the auto housing leading to failures of the box and replacement soon after.
How many of the newer boxes, properly cared for have had serious hassles?
I know from personal experience with cars over many years that preventative maintainence is the best way to keep things in good condition. My Scenic Rx4 Renault has near on 170,000km with no major problems and still on the first gearbox, much to the dismay of the knockers down my way. Some Rx4's around the globe have had failures of the transmissions but I'd bet this is due to poor care by the owner/mechanics in most cases as the failures look likely caused by boot/seal failings which aren't spotted at the early stages of leaking.
Enough of my long winded post.
Keep up the good site,

ausgallicarfan said...

Hi from Australia.
Just wondering on your general opinion of the AL4/DPO transmission.
Out this way there is bad press all over the local French Car scene about them As soon as someone mentions they are considering a purchase of an auto model of almost anything the knockers come running, arms waving screaming not to buy it!! This has gone on for years though in relation to Renault in particular but lately also Cit/Pug due to the mix-up with DII vs DIII in the boxes. There were many causes of the mix up, from local auto store employees misleading unknowingly the DIII was a replacement for DII and mechanics doing the same because they were told this by the oil companies a few years back. said...

Hello ausgallicarfan,

The AL4 / DPO where not widely used here so the information is limited as far as its reliability and service record. I can tell you that we sell as many rebuild kits as any other unit. Our clients usually rebuild them as a result of normal wear and tear.

You do make a good point, the better care you provide any unit the more you will get out of it and the right fluid is essential for proper maintenance.

Anonymous said...

Haha, didn't realize the first post went through yesterday as I got an error message so just went shorter the second time.
The main car forum I belong to down here, 'Aussiefrogs', of which there actually is an American version(yankeefrogs) has many threads and posts about the fluid use in the ZF gearboxes. There's plenty of proof from some of the members with good tech ability who've dismantled the boxes and found the issue from the DIII in DII boxes to be corrosion or clogging of valve bodies. The change back to the DII seems to advance this and cause severe clogging as the deposits from the incorrect fluid dissolve and move through the valve body as a whole.
Thanks for the reply to my question too and I will note your existence & website on the forum as there's always the need for p[arts supply for the BA10 boxes as many choose this for V6 conversions in older Peugeots these days.
Cjris said...

Thanks, we appreciate it. said...

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know that we just posted pictures for the AL4 / DPO Overhaul Kit, Friction Kit, Piston Kit and filter.