A413, A470, A670 Pump

Here we will go into detail about the different pumps available for the A404 (30TH), A413, A470 and A670 (31TH)

There are several options depending on year and certain specifications. Please keep in mind the following when ordering to ensure you receive the proper parts.

- 1 Ring on Input Shaft / 1978-1985
- 2 & 3 Ring Input Shaft / 1986-1998 (Pictured Below)
- Non Crescent 12 Lobe Drive Gear / 1999-Up

Here are the different options if you need to order just the pump gears:

- .591" with 2 lugs on inner gear / 1978-1985
- .589" with mill flats on inner gear / 1986-Up
- .591" with mill flats on inner gear / 1986-Up

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