AXOD, AXODE Accumulator Springs

The AXOD, AXODE and AX4S are equipped with 3 accumulators; the 1-2, 3-4 and neutral drive accumulators.

The accumulator are generally made up of the:

- Piston
- Seal
- Outer Spring
- Inner Spring
- Pin

Here is what you need to know when ordering accumulator parts for the transmission mentioned above.

1-2 Accumulator:
- Outer Spring - 3.0L Yellow or 3.8L Tan / Brown
- Inner Spring - Yellow, Brown / Purple or Pink

3-4 Accumulator:
- Outer Spring - Green or White
- Inner Spring - Green

Neutral Drive Accumulator:
- Outer Spring - Only one made.
- Inner Spring - Only one made (Pictured Below).

Each accumulator has its own piston and the pin is the same for all three. An Accumulator Bore Sleeve Kits are also available.

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