F4A42, F4A51, F5A51... Solenoid

This solenoid is used in the F4A41, W4A41, F4A42, W4A42, F4A51, W4A51, F5A42, W5A42, F5A51, W5A51 R4A51, V4A51, R5A51 and V5A51 transmission.

It is the only one used for all solenoid functions in the transmission, for example: underdrive, overdrive, TCC, reverse and low. Each transmission may contain from 5 to 6 each. The clear advantage here is that replacing the solenoids is extremely simple since all the solenoids are the same.


CobraTransmission.com said...

Hello everyone. Just posted the wire harness for the F4A41, F4A51 Internal Wire Harness with the TOT option. TOT is not included. For more information you can visit the Electrical section on our on-line by clicking

stevn said...

hello all. i have a 2001 mitsubishi eclipse gt with the F4A51 transmission. my problem started as the car was driving down the highway at 65mph. the vehicle seemed to put itself into neutral. there is no forward or reverse movement. the car also flashed transmission and engine codes. P0765 and P0755 shift solenoid D&B malfunction. as per Cobra suggestion i did an Ohm test on the solenoids to which i had 3 with 55-56 Ohm, and 2, one with 16 and one with 86 ohms. i replaced the two bad solenoids with ones from cobra which tested with 55 to 56 ohms. then i cleared the codes with a code reader and tried to move the car but it is still acting as every gear is neutral. now cobra and i have been discussing other options and amongst those talks and testing we have found that there is no fluid line pressure. so we have come to the conclusion that the pump must have gone out either by the pump itself breaking as this link shows http://www.transmissiondigest.com/tech/TD200508/200508ShiftPointers/200508ShiftPointers.htm or perhaps the splines on the input shaft. so the next step is to pull the trans and see what the true culprit is. as i have not found anything on the net that really shows in detail exactly everything then i hope this will.