AODE, 4R70W Valve Body

The valve body of any automatic transmission is a vital component of the unit. It controls line pressure thus regulating when a unit shifts among other functions. Most rebuilds should include a valve body kit at the very least. Some kits are more extensive than others and some are more specialized. For example some valve body kits are designed for high performance or heavy duty applications.

Pictured below is valve body for an AODE / 4R70W 1991 and up. Here is a list of the different options for the valve bodies available for the AOD family of Ford transmissions.

- AOD with 4th Accumulator 1980-1987
- AOD with out 4th Accumulator 1987-1993
- AODE with F2 Cast 1992
- AODE with F3 Cast 1993-1995
- 4R70W with 2/3 Accumulator Plate, Wired Harness and Cast F6 1996-1997
- 4R70W with 2/3 Accumulator Plate, Solid Harness and Cast F6 1998-2000
- 4R70W / 4R75W without 2/3 Accumulator Plate 2000-Up


Chris said...

are the 93-95 f3 valvebody and the f6 96-97 valvebody interchangeable..i installed a shift kit in the f6 cast valvebody, and my mustang is the 94 model which would make it the f3 cast number.. any help would be great.. said...

Hi Chris, According to the information I have the valve bodies are not interchangeable. The one with casting number f3 is designed for the AODE and the casting number f6 for the 4R70W.