Dodge and Chrysler's A604 Planets and Clutch Hubs

Lets dive right into it. The planets and clutch hubs are the same for the A604 (40TE, 41TE, 41AE), A606 (42LE), and the rear wheel drive 42RLE unless otherwise noted.

The planets break down like this:

Front Planet 1989-1995
Front Planet 1996-Up

Rear Planet
- A604 1989-Early 1991
- Late 1991-1995
- 5 Pinion 1996-Up
- A606 4 Pinion with Output Shaft 1993-1995
- A606 5 Pinion with Output Shaft 1996-Up
- 42RLE 2003-Up

Planet Kits or Sets
- Front Planet, Overdrive - Reverse Clutch Hub, 2-4 Clutch Hub with Sun Gear 1989-Up
- Front with Ring Gear 1989-1995
- Front with Heat Treated Splines (All) 1996-Up
- Front and Rear (A604) 1989-Early 1991
- Front and Rear with 4 Pinion Late 1991-Up
- Front and Rear with 5 Pinion Late 1991-Up
- Front and Rear (A606) 1996-Up
- Rear with Overdrive Ratio 59 Tooth / 54 Tooth
- Rear with Underdrive Ratio 17 Tooth / 49 Tooth
- Rear Planet Ring Gear (All) 1989-Up
- Bearing, below the pinion gears for when the front planet is disassembled.

- Kit, Input Clutch Retainer without Bevel 1990-Up

Clutch Hub
- Overdrive and Reverse with Hollow Shaft 1989-1994 & 1995-Up
- Kit with Overdrive Updates (Retrofits all years from 1989-Up)
- Underdrive with Solid Shaft (All) 1989-Up
- Input Clutch; Cast Iron for 3 Ring Stator 1989
- Input Clutch; Cast Iron for 4 Ring Stator 1990-Up

- Clutch Hub & Sun Gear, 2nd-4th Clutch 1989-1995 & 1996-Up
- Piston Kit, Low / Reverse (Piston, Tin Housing, Spring and Snap Ring) All 1990-Up
- Piston Kit, 2nd-4th Clutch (Piston and Retainer) All 1989-Up

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