GM Daewoo ZF Transmissions

Where can I get parts for my GM Daewoo ZF transmission?

This is a common question when dealing with the ZF transmission used in some of the GM Daewoos. From what I know (from research and speaking with ZF) and what I have heard from colleagues and customers ZF does not officially offer any parts for these units. Parts are only avaialbe from the dealer or aftermarket if any. We do offer the rebuild kits, filter and other parts for these units and hope to offer more parts soon.

The tag is different compared to a regular ZF tag. A regular ZF tag will have a Stueckl number (1068 010 045) as you can see in the tag to the right which the one to the left does not have. This is the first indication that ZF might not suppourt a particular unit. Another indication you will notice is the tag on the left says "Licensed by ZF". At any rate the tag information is very important when ordering parts for your ZF trans.

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