The GM 4T65-E Automatic Transmission Parts

The 4T60E and The 4T65E share many parts; for example the brake bands as pictured below. But there are parts that are unique only to the 4T65E and those are the ones we will talk about in this post.

The Sonnax Sure Cure Valve Body Kit works from 1997 and up. Superior makes the Shift Correction Package (97-Up) and the Shift Kit from Transgo (97-04) are also available.

The hy-vo chain from Morse Tec illustrated below is 1/2 inch wide with D pins and mouse ear links and comes with two chains in the box. There is also a 1" wide racing chain (97-Up both).

The forward (rear), reverse (front) and 2-1 coast (center) brake band are the same for all years. From 2001 and up there is a hi-energy version in stock.

The Clearance Kit for 2nd, 3rd and forward clutch packs contins a snap ring (0.082"), 2 second clutch steels (0.090") and 5 third clutch friction/steel combination plates with external teeth.

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