Getrag 290, NV1500, NV3500 & NV3550 Shafts

The Getrag 290, NV-1500, 3500 and 3550 where primarily used with GM, Dodge, Jeep and Isuzu vehicles. In this post we will discuss the different shafts and option available. We have also added some pictures below. We will continue adding pictures to this post specific to its topic. Remember you can click on any picture to make it larger.

When you see a part listing that says "no groove" it means that the part has no grooves at all. Grooves are sometimes used as an identification feature. For example in the picture below of the Getrag 290 Input shaft if you look closely at the end of the shaft you will see three grooves.

Input Shaft
26 Tooth, Chevy 1980-1990 (33mm bearing)
26 Tooth, Chevy 1991-1995 (23mm bearing)
26 Tooth, Chevy 1996-Up
26 Tooth, Dodge 1994-1996
35 Tooth, Dodge 1997-Up

Main Shaft - Full Size
2 WD, Getrag 1991-1993
4 WD, Getrag 1988-1990
4 WD, Getrag 1991-1993
2 WD, Getrag World Class 1993-Up
4 WD, Getrag World Class 1993-Up

Cluster Shaft
No Groove 1994-1996
No Groove 1997-Up
0.25" Groove 1994-1995
0.25" Groove 1996-Up, NV3500 S10 Only
1" Groove, 1" End 1988-1990
1" Groove, 1.1875" End 1991-1993
1" Groove, 1.300" Large Ends 1996-Up

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